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Available online here
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Available online on webpage of the Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents
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:: Thórisson, Hrafn Th. (2004). "A Framework for Exploring the Evolutionary Roots of Creativity". In the proceedings of the workshop on Computational Creativity, held as part of ECCBR'2004, Madrid, Spain, August 2004


:: A.I. Systems Integration on, December 2006
I created and wrote the initial text for the article on, click here to get a snapshot of my original text (11.11.2006), and here to see what the page looks like today.
:: Icelandic Artificial Intelligence page on ISIRWiki (Icelandic)
I created and wrote the initial text for the main A.I. article on ISIR's wiki-web (of which I am the founder), click here to see a snapshot, and here for today's version. I've made over 2000 changes and contributions to other ISIRWiki pages.
:: ISIR A.I. Magazine (downloadable, Icelandic)
I am the creator & editor of ISIR Magazine, Iceland's first A.I. magazine
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