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Born in 1984, I live in Reykjavík, Iceland, and am currently studying computer science at Reykjavík University with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. I applied around the same time they opened CADIA — Iceland's first artificial intelligence lab, of which I am an active member now.

Hrafn Th. Thórisson

In 2005 I founded Iceland's first association for artificial intelligence, the Icelandic Society for Intelligence Research (ISIR), and currently I serve as it's chairman.
I'm also a founding member of, an online consortium for people building A.I. systems. I'm MM's news editor in chief.

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Without delving into the essence of "me", my general interests lie in discovery (through science or other means) and creation (writing, artwork and designs) — basically anything with an innovative twist to it has a potential to interest me. I've been doing artwork for many years as a serious hobby, but recently turned towards the more commercial side of art, doing professional artwork for organizations and companies. On more mundane notes, I'm an avid movie enthusiast — enjoy harbor-fishing and good books. You can find examples of both scientific- and artprojects in the appropriate sections of my webpage.

My Icelandic name "Hrafn" means "Raven".

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