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A Message From the Institute of Norm
If your body temperature is not normal — there is something wrong with you. The same applies to disagreeing with the normal public opinion. Abnormality, strangeness and general weirdness is bad. But sometimes it's difficult knowing what is normal — and the minute you stop acting normal, you're already strange.
Normally, little boy Larry waited for the crossing guard to help him across the street on the way to school. On January 10th 1999, little boy Larry didn't act normally. That's why today, little boy Larry is no longer with us. Abnormal behavior can ruin lives.

If you're having trouble fitting in — or you don't share the same opinions as your friends or kin — you are abnormal. Luckily, abnormal people can now seek help in normalizing themselves. The Normality Certified™ stamp of Normalcy is designed to help abnormal people know what to read, watch and generally do to make their lives more normal. Also, it is a communication tool for Normal People, as a Certified Normal product gives Normal People a chance to say loudly, and proudly, that they are not strange. The stamp is a creation of the Institute of Norm (IN) which was founded in the country of Cerebrum, but now has wide-spread operational facilities and research-branches in lobe countries such as: Temporal, Occipital and Parietal. Even as we speak the staff in Occipital and Cerebrum are hard at work, ensuring you a more normal world.

The stamp of Normalcy guarantees that the product or products to which it pertains, and any included content is intended for
Normal People.The use of a Normality Certified™ stamp is Normality Certified™. As such, you can use the Stamp of Normalcy without fearing that using it is in itself not normal.
The Institute of Norm can not guarantee that your sense of normal is normal enough to perceive a normal product as normal. Should you at any time feel in disagreement with IN's certifications, chances are that you are abnormal and should immediately seek IN's assistance. Don't blame yourself, even though you should. Instead, act on it — there is a cure.
Due to demand, IN has worked hard to produce a simple solution to worldwide abnormality — say goodbye to maladaptiveness! statistical deviation, social dysfunction and generally bizarre behavior! Along with the ambitious effort of Normality Certification, the IN staff has managed to produce new medication:

Introducing the world's first Normality Certified™ drug:
NERMALO can make you normal in under a month!

Mr. N. Curver — head of the NERMALO R&D team, claims the medication is of utmost importance, especially the to the abnormal- but also to Normal People:

Normal People have found it increasingly difficult to act normal — just the fact that something is increasing means that thing's aren't normal. Abnormal individuals are penetrating social groups, especially on the internet. With the introduction of NERMALO, everything will normalize — abnormality will be a thing of the past"

NERMALO affects the central nervous system directly, causing any traces of abnormal hormone and bodily-fluid functions to immediately normalize. The images below are of one of the first test subjects for NERMALO. Kitty the cat was very abnormal, but after only two weeks of regular NERMALO treatment became a Normal Housecat.

Left: The abnormal cat before treatment.
Right: The same cat, now normal after NERMALO treatment.

The president of the Institute of Norm is thrilled with the results of IN's pharmaceutical department:

In this time of science, people should behave normally. It's sad to see young people fall victim to abnormality — or, as I like to call it — becoming Normally Challenged. We shouldn't have to be constantly looking over our shoulder, that's just not normal. We at the Institute of Norm have the solution now."

Join the IN battle, and help us Make Abnormality History™!

And remember, even while using NERMALO:
Before you do or say something, ask yourself: What would the IN people do?

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