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Sneak-peak at the New A.I. Lab
For some time now, Reykjavík University's Computer Science department has been on it's way to move to it's own building, across the street from RU's mainbuilding in Ofanleiti. What will be our new residence is the Morgunblaðið's old house — Iceland's largest newspaper, which recently moved to the outskirts of Reykjavík.

Of course, what this means is that CADIA and it's residing labrats will get new headquarters! Due to issues that require my constant attention here at home I haven't been up at the lab this summer, but today I went there to help out with packing up the old place. Along the way I managed to get a guided tour of the new house, and man, the place is great! Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera with me, but I did have my phonecam — so here are some photos that I took, both of the old lab and the new.

Here's an overview of the old lab, or really just the stuff we were moving. Desks and workstations are on the left and not shown in picture.

Jonheidur fighting the stack of boxes at the old lab.

Jónheiður and Ágúst contemplate which boxes to move next.

Ah, now here's the house we're moving into. Looks very futuristic, I must say — and I can definitely see a lot of futuristic projects taking place in there.

Getting closer now, here we are at the first floor. The stairs lead up to the new lab.

Ladies and gentlemen — the new A.I. Laboratory!
The is an overview taken from the northern end. The circular tables there on the left side of the image are basically in the middle of the lab. The lab's space is enclosed by an array of great art-deco desks, as we can see on the right side of the image and in the picture below.

Couldn't resist taking a closeup of the desks.

And of the drawers. Although an enthusiasm not shared by all the labrats, I really like the design.

And here is the northern end of the lab. The glass room you see there will be the "Project Room", i.e. the room where the robots come alive!

This is inside the Project Room, the room's northern glasswall there.

View to the south inside the Project Room. Ágúst, fellow boardmember of ISIR in the doorway.

Here's a better view of the desks, a table in the northeastern corner of the lab.

Finally, we have a preview of the-soon-to-be-computer-room located directly below the new A.I. Lab. At last we labrats will be able to work in peace from the whirring of clusters.

All in all, I was thrilled after my visit. The place is absolutely fantastic and I look forward to working there.
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