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A Clockwork Apple
A Clockwork Apple
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Wooha. A lot of Apple chatter on the blogosphere these past few days. First of all, tons of blogposts and debates on Zune vs. the iPod have been popping up like clockwork. So, I thought I'd join in and made this illustration to the left — if A Clockwork Orange would have happened in our time, Alex would have listened to Ludwig Van Beethoven with an iPod.

It seems that the Zune has had a lot of trouble, including slow sales, incompatibility with Vista (really, that's just sad) and a generally bad consumer attitude according to most of the net-chatter I've come across. However, I must say that the wireless capability of Zune is definitely a cool feature.

The other people-grabbing story is the Apple iPhod (I just invented that name, phone+iPod). There have been rumors and speculations about an iPhode for years, but it wasn't until now that it's been confirmed (just google it) that Apple will be selling iPhod early next year! Which is awesome and really makes my day because I've been hitting myself in the head these past few months over my bad cell. There are however, no reliable stories on the iPhod's features except that it will have a 2Mpx camera. However, Apple recently filed a patent application for an iPod where the user can add and configure the buttons themselves. Cool concept ... or is it? I am kind of hoping for something more intuitive.

Finally... a pretty damn funny video.

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