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Website Revamped
Using the brilliant iWeb-like software from Realmac — RapidWeaver allows me to easily maintain and update my website.

I must use this opportunity to point out what an outstanding job Apple is doing as a software entrepreneur — the interrelations of software in the iLife package is influencing the developer community to create "just-click-me-and-everything-happens-the-way-you-want" software. For example, RapidWeaver includes a relatively good "Photo-album" page template. Upon creating such a page (with a basic iTunes-like interface, click the + sign and you get a page), you get a listing of all the photos you have in iPhoto, allowing you to import captions, dates, etc... that you've previously added to iPhoto.

Once done. Click "Publish" and your stuff gets uploaded.

In short: Relief from an otherwise tedious process of URL copying and table-formatting madness.
Please note: I strongly recommend not using Internet Explorer to view this page.