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Considering blogging services
I've been using RapidWeaver as a webdevelopment tool now, ever since I changed to look of my website and actually started blogging. However, there are some serious problems with it that continue to annoy me — such as:

  • Not being able to edit HTML code directly (aside from the basic theme)
  • Only being able to blog from home (e.g. no web-interface for blogging and my laptop is broken)
  • Some bad bugs started sprouting wings when I started looking into social networking and the main blogosphere (wrong titles showing up on Technorati search, etc..)
  • I have my suspicions that the generated HTML is not very SEF (search engine friendly)

So I've started to look for a blogging service — and looked at today. They charge for hosting, which is bad for a poor, poor student who just wants to do research and disregards other job offers. But, over these past few months I've grown to enjoy blogging pretty much. It enhances your writing skills and incites you to soak in more information from all around the world. So maybe I'll go for a paid server.

The interface of Typepad is quite nice, and you're able to customize most of the components on the site (direct access to HTML is only available to pro members, which is $14.95 a month). If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations I'd be glad to hear them.

To be continued....
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