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Little Man's Euphoria
A very productive weekend (in terms of leisure). Here's the sequel to last entry's video, I call it "Little Man's Euphoria".

Little Man's Dilemma
When you've become bored of creating feedback loops with your iSight... what's next? Stop-motion movies of course! (Yes, I'm enjoying my weekend, thank you).

Here's a little short I made called "Little Man's Dilemma" — about a little man ... and his dilemma. The sequel will be feature length.

Go Rorschach on it's meaning!

iSight Visual Feedback Loops
What better to do on a saturday evening then play with things that used to bedazzle you when you were nine years old? The only difference is now you're doing it with equipment that cost as much as a car.

Here's some fun I had with iSight (Apple's webcam) — by showing the camera it's own feed we get a pretty nice vortex. The main fun factor separating this from old school TV experiments is that you have interactive windows on screen.

Recommend sound.

The Web as Roadsigns

UserContent ConspiracyTheorists
User Voted Content Conspiracy Theorists

SpamBots Popups2 BadDesign
Spambots Pop-up Ads Bad Webdesign

AddictiveContent BadContent WeirdContent
Addictive Content Bad Content Weird Content

SocialNetwork InfoSharing Cult
Social Network Information Sharing Cult

GrowingBeta Illusions BadCam
Hot Beta Optical Illusions Bad Cam Movie

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Who watches the Watchmen?
Watchmen Cover
I guess we will watch the Watchmen — just stumbled upon the IMDB page for Watchmen, which I'd completely forgotten was in the making. Watchmen is a graphics novel by Alan Moore that I read last summer, and was completely consumed by. The illustrations, storyline, characters — amazing. If you're thinking this is a comicbook, you're wrong. In fact, Watchmen is on Time's Top 100 Novels list of all time. And that's not a list of graphic novels, it's a list of novels. Really, if you haven't read it — you're missing out.

As of yet, the movie is in pre-production, due 2008. I was a bit bummed to find out that Terry Gilliam had thought about directing it, but dropped out declaring it "unmakeable", which I understand. Then Darren Aronofsky dropped it because of a time conflict with The Fountain. Bummer.

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[The Watchmen image above is the official cover of the novel, made by Dave Gibbons]
Apple Macintosh Commercials
I just uploaded a collection of some of my favorite Apple Macintosh commercials, which I seriously recommend you take a look at.
I'm categorizing this post under "Art" for a reason. Some of the coolest commercials I've ever seen.

You can watch them all here.
Busy Weeks
Logo for ZZZ, our project's make-belief company
Wooh. Been quite busy these past two weeks. Yesterday my group finally finished a project on managing large-scale software projects (softwareology?), which was quite energy draining. The logo up there is the logo of our make-belief company ZZZ — which incidentally was the sound I wanted to make during the last hours of working on the project. Just to be clear, this time I didn't make the logo, my group member Einar Valur did.

So there hasn't much been going on to talk about. Mainly been busy on RU related work and projects. Something funny happened the other day though. Some of you might be familiar with the TV Show
Arrested Development. Well, Me and Diljá were watching season 1 where one of the main characters is eating a candy apple and manages to break a part of his front tooth. About 10 seconds after this happens I hear a "crunching" noise at my side, followed by a very whiny "Ooohhh nooooooo". Diljá had broken her filling, in the exact same tooth at the exact same place. Haha. Coincidences can be very entertaining when it's not you who's breaking your teeth (evil grin).

In my
last post, I mentioned that I made a pledge to myself to draw more often. I might as well show some of the stuff I've been doing. In my ongoing attempt to organize my life, I made the following plan:

Pasted Graphic 1

So I'm currently at the "Figure proportion study" phase — and will remain there for some time as long as I've got this much to do ('til christmas probably). Without further ado, here are some sketches.
The boxer // Mocking someone


The martians are coming? // Running and turning

Jumping over the creek

Logo for the Icelandic branch of the International Global Action Plan


Vistvernd í Verki is the Icelandic branch of the international project Global Action Plan for the Earth, aimed at empowering people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Icelandic branch works in collaboration with the Icelandic Environment Association (icel. "Landvernd") and has been quite successful. Over 560 homes have taken active part in the project here in Iceland.

I aimed at capturing the essential goals of the project in the logo, whilst trying to maintain a sense of uniqueness in comparison to similar associations and projects.


:: Vistvernd í Verki (Global Action Plan, Iceland)
Landvernd (The Icelandic Environment Association)
Global Action Plan International
World Wide Anonymity

The World Wide Web is populated by the species that created it — an embodiment of organisms never before seen.

Our communications, actions and perceptions are not limited by physical boundaries of the environment that we inhabit. We are anonymous, faceless, masked and voiceless — yet have presence, knowledge and the power to change.

Without the expense of physical consequences, we act without fear. In the face of negative public recognition we metamorphose and become new again — any trace of identity in our anonymity erased, hidden, submerged in the depths of virtual worlds.

Without identity, we are everyone.
We are dictators
We are victims.
The accepted.
And the controversial.

We are escape artists

We are the masterminds.

We are dead politicians

We are the naive.
Children born into technological royalty.

We are the virtual embodiment of our imagination.

Please note: I strongly recommend not using Internet Explorer to view this page.