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ISIR Preparation Era Complete
Yesterday I turned in the ISIR report to the European Union. The 33 page booklet covers the year since I founded ISIR, and marks the end of it's infancy.

Doing the formal opening speech for ISIR
at the A.I. Festival 2006
The preparation period for ISIR (Icelandic Society for Intelligence Research) was a long and interesting one. The formal support of the EU ended with the society's official opening on April 29th 2006, at Iceland's first A.I. Festival. Reviewing what we've accomplished and compiling it into a report borderlines the surreal — 33 pages hardly do it justice.

Picture 11
Pie chart showing ISIR share in Icelandic A.I. information on the web

Of course, none of this could have been accomplished without the hard work of my fellow board- and founding members. In conclusion, here's an overview of what I consider some of the milestones in the making of ISIR.

:: Well over a hundred web-users and 32 formally registered members
:: 289 pages of free A.I. related information online, doubling the total amount of information available
:: Many dozens of posted A.I. news
:: Two A.I. seminars for the public in collaboration with CADIA
:: Iceland's first A.I. magazine (available online in PDF)
:: An A.I. festival in which the majority of Icelandic A.I. companies participated, and an estimate of over 500 people attended

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