Social Networking
First look at Me.dium
I managed to get a beta-account at a new social-networking-type mechanism called Me.dium. It's a plugin for Firefox (and soon for IE7) which allows you to see other surfers, and what they're looking at.

The Me.dium page contains this description:

"Me.dium gives you a real-time view into your online world, wherever you happen to be. Your online world is created by the activity of everyone using Me.dium and the relationships between their activity and yours. In other words, your activity online – your path throughout the Internet – gets compared to the activity and paths of everyone else using Me.dium. Where your paths intersect and overlap, Me.dium creates relationships between you and those people, as well as the things (web pages, video files, etc.) they’re looking at, and reveals all of that information through the Me.dium window.

Medium Login Window
The download process was quite simple — clicked a download button and Firefox took care of installing the plugin. After restart, a login window appeared, splitting my browser window.

After logging in which they, oddly, call "crossover" (probably to make this sound like crossing over to the "other side", or something), I got a view of some nice little icons floating around representing the people currently using Medium... and presumably looking at similar webpages across the web. See screenshot here on the side. I think it's a bit annoying that the names of pages are dotted ou...

It also seems as if some peoples names do not appear. On the pic here on the side, only Joanna's name is visible — which has probably got something to do with whether you have selected "Visible for all", "Visible for friends" or "Visible to none", which are all options which appear when you click on your icon above the chatbar.

Also, clicking on the icons doesn't do anything but bring you to the page these people are looking at, there's no "View profile" option — which isn't necessarily that big a deal, but it would be in the community spirit if you could. For example, if clicking on a person would bring you to their website.

One terribly annoying thing: You can't open pages directly into a new tab by option-clicking — clicking a person will just load their page in the current window. So you need to open a new tab before you click.

Mouse Hover Over people
Moving your mouse over a person will display the title of the page they are looking at, along with the page's URL.

Picture 14

Picture 15

The chat system is tabbed, which is nice, but I'm not quite sure how it works yet. Seemed to me that everytime I typed something it opened a new tab. Their tutorial wasn't clear on how that worked, either. On my Mac, when somebody typed something the Firefox bounced in my dock, which is nice — but maybe not around over-eager people. Didn't find an option to turn it off either.

In any case, Me.dium is pretty cool — this is of course a beta, and I look forward to seeing future upgrades.

Please note: I strongly recommend not using Internet Explorer to view this page.