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Modern Spectacles
Being the only one in my family who doesn't use glasses, it was only a matter of time.

Roughly a year ago I got my sight measured for the first time. The result was minimum nearsightedness but somewhat bad astigmatism, which certainly explained why I was seeing double. Without a lot of enthusiasm, I tried on a few styles. This included the standard look, the practical look — and the awesome Peter Sellers look (note how happy I am on the photo). However, I never found glasses that I was comfortable with wearing, aesthetically or with regards to comfort.

The The proud practicalist look
The standard
"don't notice my glasses"
The proud practicalist look
SP_A0119Peter Sellers
The Peter Sellers look!
Yesterday, however, I came upon a frame that I was happy with — and decided to go with to spare myself from seeing double text on the blackboards in the coming semesters at RU. The design is quite modern — hence the title of this entry: modern spectacles. I unfortunately don't receive them until tomorrow, so I can't include a photo to go with the others (the entry icon on my weblog mainpage is a close model).

A distant look at gigantic electric poles.
I counted over forty.
However, to make the entry's title earn double meaning, I want to mention something else. For a minute forget nuclear reactors, skyscrapers and the moonlanding. Todays question is: how on Earth do we manage to plant all these electric-poles? Really, these things are gigantic! And not only do they cover incredible distances, but they go over mountains, cliffs, even small bays and lakes. Most definitely another quite remarkable achievement of mankind, especially when paired with the fact that it's not generally considered remarkable with regards to our other achievements. A genuine modern spectacle. Personally I think they're beautiful to look at, although that's not a Normality Certified™ opinion.
The intricate metalworks of these constructs are fantastic.
I conclude this entry with the photo above, which was taken in a summerhouse-village in Hvalfjörður — a little north of Reykjavík.

Ignore this (if you want). Testing out
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