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On being first with the story ...
A few blogs ago I wrote about how I found a site where you're able to buy radioactive materials online for $69. This was in relation to Polonium 210 that killed Litvinenko, the former Russian spy in Britain.

So now, 3 days later — I see that CNET News and the San Francisco Chronicle & Information Week are finally catching up, talking about a site online that sells Polonium 210 for $69. Also, this blogger, this blogger and this blogger. Savvy I'm savvy! Although, Kathryn Cramer1 blows me out of the water explaining how polonium is made.

According to the latest news, it seems that P210 is the new anthrax: "Polonium-210, which has recently become well-known as one of the deadliest substances in the world". News-hype or reality? Note the entertaining play on words "one of the deadliest..." — on what scale? Really.

1: Originally, "Kathryn Cramer" read "this guy" — an accident which I blame on browsing too many blogs at the same time. Ms. Cramer was kind enough to leave me a comment informing me of my mistake. My sincerest apologies. Check out her blog — a really great mixture of entertainment and information.
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