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Who watches the Watchmen?
Watchmen Cover
I guess we will watch the Watchmen — just stumbled upon the IMDB page for Watchmen, which I'd completely forgotten was in the making. Watchmen is a graphics novel by Alan Moore that I read last summer, and was completely consumed by. The illustrations, storyline, characters — amazing. If you're thinking this is a comicbook, you're wrong. In fact, Watchmen is on Time's Top 100 Novels list of all time. And that's not a list of graphic novels, it's a list of novels. Really, if you haven't read it — you're missing out.

As of yet, the movie is in pre-production, due 2008. I was a bit bummed to find out that Terry Gilliam had thought about directing it, but dropped out declaring it "unmakeable", which I understand. Then Darren Aronofsky dropped it because of a time conflict with The Fountain. Bummer.

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[The Watchmen image above is the official cover of the novel, made by Dave Gibbons]
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