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NYTimes: "Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense"
A couple of days ago the posted an article with the above title, about the possible future of the www. Nova Spivack, head of Radar Networks is one of the interviewees, which is pretty cool because Kristinn (my brother) was originally the lead inventor & developer for the software Radar Networks is developing.

The article covers issues relating to the concept of a semantic web — i.e. in short: the web + a layer of meaning/metadata so computers can actually understand or make sense of what they're working with. It's a really cool concept and most definitely where we are headed. The article was the fourth most emailed story on NYTimes for two days! Way to go. Really look forward to seeing Radar Networks release their first product — so I've signed up on
their webpage.

I recommend checking out
the article. Also, if you're interested in these things, Spivack has a weblog that he regularly posts interesting stuff on.
Please note: I strongly recommend not using Internet Explorer to view this page.