Social Networking
World Wide Anonymity

The World Wide Web is populated by the species that created it — an embodiment of organisms never before seen.

Our communications, actions and perceptions are not limited by physical boundaries of the environment that we inhabit. We are anonymous, faceless, masked and voiceless — yet have presence, knowledge and the power to change.

Without the expense of physical consequences, we act without fear. In the face of negative public recognition we metamorphose and become new again — any trace of identity in our anonymity erased, hidden, submerged in the depths of virtual worlds.

Without identity, we are everyone.
We are dictators
We are victims.
The accepted.
And the controversial.

We are escape artists

We are the masterminds.

We are dead politicians

We are the naive.
Children born into technological royalty.

We are the virtual embodiment of our imagination.

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