Research of The Spanish Influenza 1918

Research of the Influenza 1918

Alaska On this page are links to research done in Alaska of the Influenza epidemic 1918 Characterization of the 1918 “Spanish” influenza virus neuraminidase gene On this page is information why the Influenza 1918 was so exceptionally high in mortality especially among young people
Characterization of the 1918 "Spanish" Influenza Virus Matrix Gene Segment On this page is information about Analyses of viral hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase and some explanations for the lethality of the Influenza 1918 Could SARS and the 1918 Influenza Pandemic be caused by the Same Virus? On this page is information about SARS and the Influenza 1918
Disarming Flu Viruses On this page is information about the difference in Virus types, why some Influenza outbreaks become Epidemic and other Pandemic and more (good information) Flu Pandemic Scientist say that it is time for another flu epidemic like the one in 1918 and that modern medicine may not be of much help
The genetic genesis of a killer flu On this page is speculated if the 1918 pandemic may have been caused by an unusual recombination of human and pig flu genes Genetic study links 1918, ´97 flu outbreaks On this page are information of how scientist have used the latest tools of genetic engineering to discover tantalizing clues to explain two outbreaks of flu nearly 80 years apart
The Importance of Animal Influenza Surveilance On this page is information about why it is imporant to have Animal surveillance consernig Influenza Influenzavirus A, 1918 strain isolated
On this page there is information about how scientist apprehended a specimen of the Influenza virus from frozen remains of a flu victim buried in Alaska
An Interview with Dr.Jeffery Taubenberger, M.D.,Ph.D. On this page is an interview with Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger who is a chief of molecular pathology at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington New evidence shows how some flu viruses become lethal On this page is information from a research done by virologists concerning the molecular mechanism that allows influenza viruses to cause damage throughout the body
New evidence that influenza spread to brain Scientists that worked on frozen bodies of people who died from the 1918 flu have discovered the virus in brain tissue Origin and evolution of the 1918 "Spanish" influenza (pdf) On this page is information about the hemagglutinin (HA) of the 1918 influenza virus (good page)
Recreating the Spanish Flu? On this page is information about research where there is tried to recreat the Influenza 1918 virus Revisiting the 1918 Flu On this page is taken a closer look at the worst infectious disease outbreak in human history, the 1918 influenza epidemic
The Search for the 1918 Spanish Influenza Virus On this page there is information about the characterization of the 1918 flu virus Scientists study 1918 flu genes
On this page scientist are wondering if the 1918 flu virus was infected from pigs to human or vice versa
The Spanish flu suspect : Genes point to birds On this page is information about how scientists have come one step closer to discover the genetic makeup of the Influenza 1918 The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by Vaccinations On this page there are speculation if the Influenza 1918
was caused by vaccinations
1918 Spanish Influenza: The Secrets remain elusive Svalbard On this page are links to Research done in Svalbard on the Influenza epidemic 1918
Unraveling Mysteries of Flu´s Dangers On this page are information about research that scientist have done to try to rebult the 1918 flu virus genetic and that a minuscule mutation in one gene of the virus makes it more dangerus Virus Crossover Pattern Traced
On this page is informaton about the gene of the Influenza 1918 and were it came from
Will history repeat itself? The Spanish Influenza: its past, present, and future On this page is handled about researches that have been done about the Influenza 1918 1918 flu pandemic originated in pigs, study finds On this page scientists are spectulating if the virus that caused the Influenza 1918 orginated from pigs
Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919:A Selected Bibliography On this page are selected bibliography to information about the Influenza 1918 1918 Influenza: the Mother of All Pandemics On this page are information about the influenz 1918 and it's links with avon flu


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